Create an animated story full of detail

Submitted 10 years ago
Mara  G.
Mara G.
Greenbush-Middle River School District
Greenbush MN, US
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My Take

Xtranormal is a free web tool for creating an animated story. It is not the most simple tool to use, mainly because there are so many options for creating and customizing your story. This is great--but do not expect students to get in and out in a class period. It is a fairly intuitive program but there are tutorials and a help page if needed. If willing to work hard, students can create an animated video they have completely customized themselves.

How I Use It

I have used Xtranormal as a creation/storytelling activity. Students like the engagement but be prepared: there are a lot of options and details to work through to get a complete, engaging video. That said, it is a great too for upper middle and high school students to really push them to work hard, think creatively, troubleshoot and finish what they start.