Easy to use, but is not a complete writing tool.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I really like the option for students to choose a new situation, character, setting, and/or object to start. For certain students, this ability to choose would easily turn into an issue where a student is really just procrastinating or just spends too much time deciding. This can easily be remedied by setting a time limit (not a part of the app). The Better Words area is a nice first stop as a thesaurus, and could inspire students to try new vocabulary. The Hard to Spell area fells limiting because it appears to be aimed at too high a grade level and wouldn't be as helpful for many students in lower grades. It is labeled as a 1st-8th grade app, but I can see it most effective in a 2nd-5th. For higher grades it could still be useful for struggling students.

How I Use It

As part of writing, this app would be for to practice story development. It provides a situation, character, setting, and object to be included. It could be for choice topics and for those where a student "can't think of anything". The Better Words section will also be used as a thesaurus reference and vocabulary inspiration.