Super easy to set up and use!

Submitted 7 years ago
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This is good to give students writing practice. It is not really customizable other than allowing you to pick a different category from the main categories (situation, characters, setting, and objects). You can have it pick an instant prompt, or you can select items from each category. An additional feature that is included is a built in thesaurus with a list of words and synonyms that go with them. Also, it includes a list of misspelled words. The thesaurus and list of misspelled words can help students. What I like about this is that students can work on it individually at their own level and can customize their individual story and add better words and check their spelling. I do not like that it is not customizable. It can help teaching by individualizing writing, letting students work independently, and ease of use by students.

How I Use It

This is a good resource to use for a writing center or for a quick daily journal. It can be used for multiple grade levels and ability levels. It generates its own list of prompts that include setting, characters, situation, and objects.