Woot Math is hands down the best math program for rational numbers and beyond!

Submitted 3 years ago
Jamie W.
Jamie W.
Andersen United Community School
Minneapolis MN, US
My Rating

My Take

I really love this product for so many reasons. The adaptive portion is a rigorous and engaging set of content that all of the 4th and 5th graders need and benefit from. The OER resources are second to none and I love building engaging content within Woot Math for my students. The visual components of this product make the content so accessible for my students. I am looking forward to more that Woot Math has to offer in the future.

How I Use It

I currently use all components of this program. Students really love the adaptive portion and I do too. The content kids explore during the adaptive learning is aligned to our curriculum and standards. I also have been using the teacher led and peer to peer components with my blended and online learners. Both are fabulous. I really love how Woot Math understands what math teachers need in order to teach effectively. The tools available to students are so helpful.