Woot Math has proven to be an invaluable teacher friendly online and interactive resource. 4th grade math standards are heavily ladened with mathematical concepts that revolve around fractions.

Submitted 3 years ago
Kevin N.
Kevin N.
Central Elementary School
Longmont CO, US
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My Take

My overall opinion is that Woot Math is a wonderful resource. I like the ease with which I can both check progress of students as well as provide additional support when need be. I've also think it's been a fantastic resource during conferences. Students pull up their account to show parents what they've been learning and to take pride in their completion of assignments. It's also been extremely helpful in assisting with report card completion. I use Woot Math as a resource whenever I'm ensuring that standards on fractions are accurately reflected in my students' report cards.

How I Use It

I introduce it to my students to start the year. I habitually positively reinforce completion of Math Books with shout outs and emails to parents. I utilize the dashboard to assist with completion of report cards. Students are encouraged to be self paced and to ask target specific questions. In doing so students continue to learn at their pace. Woot Math has also been invaluable in keeping kids challenged when classroom work is completed.