Want a kahoot that does 10 times more - this is it? All levels - great for high school math.

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Libby B.
Libby B.
Manhattan Middle School of The Arts And Academics
Boulder CO, US
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I highly recommend this tool. It is very powerful in that you can use it in so many ways in the classroom . New features are being added regularly and the developers are super responsive to requests for improvement or added features. The developers are interested in students learning for understanding, not just playing a "who can click the right answer - or guess at the right answer - the fastest."

How I Use It

Note: WootMath has two main tools. Polls and Adaptive Learning fraction content. This review is for the former - polls, which is free and is way to provide students with questions of all types for discovery, practice or review. The engagement and pedagogy has high potential and is as good as the teacher who creates the questions so it is hard to "rank" on these items.

This tool is awesome. My favorite feature: this tool generates student groups based on their answers to a question you have written. You can tell Woot to group randomly, heterogeneously or homogeneously and the size of the group. You do not need to build a roster. It does this simply using the names that students input. So, if I want to do an activity, say on factoring trinomials I can set up two warm up questions and then ask a third. Based on the third question, WootMath will generate groups on the screen at which point my students go into small groups for further practice. This practice can be on WootMath, of course, or not. I would love for this feature to be based on a series of questions, but right now it only groups based on the answers to one question.

My second favorite thing: a scratchpad where students can show / do their work including graphing. These individual scratchpad screens can be shared with the class. The challenge to this is that it is hard to identify which screen is from which user and you often cannot see the work on the scratchpad without opening the individual scratchpad icon. You can turn this scratchpad off and on (including the various features of it - calculator, grapher, function tool - for each question you write!

Its great for high school math too because it is designed for math and you can use all of the math symbols, derivatives, integrals, everything in the questions. You will find other teacher's polls in all areas of high school math including Calculus. Think of it kind of like a super-awesome-everything-you-want-better-than Kahoot. Here's why:
1. It has multiple kinds of questions: multiple choice, fill in the blank, open ended, graph it, click a point on a graph and more.
2. It is designed for math so the symbols are readily available.
3. It is not timed (though I think you can if you want). This gives kids who get anxious, have reading challenges etc. a leg up to a competitive game like Kahoot. It gives kids thinking time. Kids have told me they like it better than Kahoot. It also means it is great for a small group learning tool where small groups of kids are working on a set of problems - they could even be different sets of problems. Some teachers use WootMath polls for homework assignments.
4. The "polls" as they are called are carefully checked for accuracy before shared for your use by any user.
5. There is an indicator for polls that are more student-focused
6. The search tool for polls is by keyword but also standard
7. You can use the provided polls, copy and edit polls or make your own. You can also import questions from another poll into your poll which is way cool.
8. There is no character limit (that I have run into) to the questions.
9. The data you get back is useful and simple to read and digest in a quick look, or by student.

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