Highly interactive tool that meets individual student needs, clarifying often misunderstood concepts, and supporting students in making meaningful sense of rational numbers.

Submitted 5 years ago
Janelle S.
Janelle S.
Broomfield Heights Middle School
Broomfield CO, US
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I really like the way this one product pulls together in one tool all the the different things that I have used other technology resources for (i.e. individualized practice, quick checks for understanding). Having taught all middle school level math classes, I really appreciate the focus on rational number sense as it is one of the most critical pieces of overall mathematical understanding and growth. I also appreciate the way the company is always seeking and responsive to feedback.

How I Use It

I have an adapted practice license for each of my 6th grade math students. I assign wootmath as homework, as extra practice during class, and I use the interactive bank and my Smartboard for whole class instruction. I also use the polls on a regular basis for quick, instant feedback, formative assessments.

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