You're not going to believe this...

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OK.. here goes.

The app has 3 parts.
1) Cards
2) Games
3) Quizzes

Cards - Cards Teach kids something about poop, pee, or farting. (Im not making this up.) These are the terms used; poop, pee, and fart. Make your own call on the appropriateness of this fact.

Games - Games are related to cards. For example, when the girl character hold her poop, the player must put the girl on the potty and tab her belly rapidly to help push out the poop. The "farting" game is, you guessed it... a farting contest.

Quizzes - Quizzes are also related to cards. A question is posed with three possible answers. Answer correctly and the poop spins and lights up. Answer incorrectly and the poop gets flushed down the potty.

The good - The app has been help in some areas and my son really likes it. It is scientifically and sound. Everything is narrated so its ideal for ELL, non-readers, reluctant readers, etc.

The bad - As stated above, this app uses some terms that many parents may not be comfortable with. As a result, I seriously doubt any teacher will ever be able to use it in class. I can see one kid going home and telling mom and dad what they saw on the iPad in class today... then poop hits the fan. (sorry)

Final thought - it's worth the $2.99 I paid for the app, if nothing else just for the laugh. But there is not a snowballs chance I'd ever use it in class. EVER!

How I Use It

I used this app with my son, who is 3 years old. He has been potty trained a little over a year but is in that stage where "poop" is one of his favorite topics.

The app has some good information and silly humor about well... poop. In one of the stories, the little girl is "holding her poop" because she does not want to stop playing and use the restroom. My son is guilty of this one. He learned from the story that, "when you hold your poop, it gets hard and makes it difficult to poop." So obviously, we've found some value in that story.

Some of the other stories are neat too. The first one in the stack is "How food turns into poop." My son found this one really funny. His favorite story is one where the little boy character has to be reeled in from playing to pee.