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WhyKids Poo

Who knew there was so much to learn about poop?

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Critical Thinking, Health & Wellness, Science

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Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone

Pros: Includes fascinating information on a 4-year-old's favorite topic.

Cons: Some problems with functionality such as garbled audio and frequent freezes.

Bottom Line: Be prepared for potty humor and lots of giggles -- and to learn a thing or two about number 2.

It would take a really special, patient, and open-minded teacher to explore all 21 mini-books with an entire class, but a few books stand out with good classroom potential. Use the chapters on dung beetles, snails, and ants and aphids in a unit on insects, showing the brief animations as hooks to introduce the insects and how they use poop. The books on animal poop and skunk farts could be an interesting addition to a unit on animals. Teachers could use a few mini-books individually with kids who are struggling with adjusting to at-school bathroom habits -- the chapters on not holding in the poop when you have to go or on cleaning up if you sprinkle may be especially helpful for one-on-one conversations.

Editor's Note: WhyKids Poo is no longer available.

WhyKids Poo is a based on a popular Korean cartoon series and includes 21 mini-books, presented as cards with accompanying quizzes. Each card teaches the science behind a fact using an interactive video. Only two cards are available to begin, but once those are seen, new ones are unlocked. The Quiz section tests kids on what they've learned in the card section. After three quizzes are successfully completed, a virtual trading card is unlocked. There are a few very minor translation errors, but they don't interfere with gameplay. The words used for bodily functions are all slang, which may not correspond to terms teachers prefer kids to use. Only a limited number of questions are included in the quiz section, so they're repeated frequently.

Although the topic is presented in a silly way -- sound effects and all -- there’s good info here. Learning topics include nutrition, hygiene, ecosystems and the environment, and animals. It's all presented in no-holds-barred potty talk, including sound effects, and visuals that include bare bottoms and lots of pictures of poop. The topics and cute animations are sure to be engaging to kids, and they'll likely talk quite a bit about what they've learned (which means they may want to re-create scenes like the farting contest).

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A fun and playful look at human and animal waste. Based on a popular science-themed cartoon book series, kids will enjoy the silly and positive take on a topic not often discussed. Get ready for the potty humor!


Includes surprisingly fascinating information, and real-world applications abound. For example, eating more vegetables can "make your poo softer and prettier." Content pushes the shock factor -- like the farting contest activity.


Interaction with the app is straightforward and clear, but the Android version freezes up often and has garbled audio in places.

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Amanda B.
Amanda B. Teacher

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You're not going to believe this...

OK.. here goes.

The app has 3 parts.
1) Cards
2) Games
3) Quizzes

Cards - Cards Teach kids something about poop, pee, or farting. (Im not making this up.) These are the terms used; poop, pee, and fart. Make your own call on the appropriateness of this fact.

Games - Games are related to cards. For example, when the girl character hold her poop, the player must put the girl on the potty and tab her belly rapidly to help push out the poop. The "farting" game is, you guessed it... a farting contest.

Quizzes - Quizzes are also related to cards. A question is posed with three possible answers. Answer correctly and the poop spins and lights up. Answer incorrectly and the poop gets flushed down the potty.

The good - The app has been help in some areas and my son really likes it. It is scientifically and sound. Everything is narrated so its ideal for ELL, non-readers, reluctant readers, etc.

The bad - As stated above, this app uses some terms that many parents may not be comfortable with. As a result, I seriously doubt any teacher will ever be able to use it in class. I can see one kid going home and telling mom and dad what they saw on the iPad in class today... then poop hits the fan. (sorry)

Final thought - it's worth the $2.99 I paid for the app, if nothing else just for the laugh. But there is not a snowballs chance I'd ever use it in class. EVER!

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