All Excuses Gone: Everyone Knows What Assignments are Due and When

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

WhatsDueApp isn't a teaching tool; it is a means of communication with parents and students. I get faster results with WhatsDueApp than I do with email. Parents and kids on the go are more likely to check an app than email. I remind them about special school events as well as assignments. The kids even request items for me to "WhatsDue". I can schedule items via my phone or their web interface. Have an issue? Their tech support is awesome!

How I Use It

Kids and parents don't always remember to log into sites like Google Classroom or Edmodo to check for assignments that are due. WhatsDueApp takes care of this. I can post assignments, reminders, and not just homework for both parents and students to see. The app makes it easy for everyone to check what is due- and when. It also shows me who checked the app. Kids and parents both think this was a good addition to our communication methods. Another option with this app is to set an "alarm" that alerts the users of an assignment due the next morning. This is one feature my students love!