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WhatsDue allows students and parents to keep up with assignments and events


Digital to-do list keeps students on-track, parents involved

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Price: Free
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Pros: Student app has slick design with swiping to remove assignments, and customized reminders

Cons: No dedicated teacher app; removes some of the onus for students to

Bottom Line: If you're looking for a simple, free solution to manage assignment due dates and keep students accountable, then WhatsDue might be your answer.

Teachers can use WhatsDue to help students and parents stay organized, especially as it relates to turning in assignments on time. However, because families will require access to technology and the willingness to download the app, teachers should not rely on WhatsDue as their only method of connecting between families and school. It's an excellent option, but will not work for all students or all situations.

WhatsDue is a communication and classroom management app that offers teachers a way to share their calendar and classroom events, such as assignments and quizzes, with students and their parents. There's a web-based version teachers can use to manage classes, and then iOS and Android apps for students and parents. Families can check important dates and receive notifications when they're coming up. These notifications are voluntary -- students and parents will have to set the app to send them notifications, which is different from some of the one way text messaging apps available. Students can also select the intervals they want for their due date reminders. The most important part of WhatsDue isn't the reminders, however, but the "to do" list, which offers families a clear, easy to read list of upcoming assignments, events, and quizzes. As with many other electronic to-do applications, students can simply swipe to remove completed items. Teachers can organize their lists and add new types of events, such as school lunches or field trips, as well as the pre-loaded choices (assignments, quizzes, homework, etc.)

Communication between parents and teachers is key to helping students succeed, and WhatsDue provides a simple, effective way for families to stay in touch. It eliminates the need for parents to contact the teacher asking about missed assignments, and will likely be very helpful to students who have difficulty organizing their own assignments and are always carrying around a smartphone. For many students, the traditional structure of writing things down is no longer feasible or practical; this allows them to use their phones and tablets in a way many of them will already be used to. 

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Students and parents alike will appreciate the modern, convenient way to keep up with assignments.


Communication between home and school keeps students accountable, organized, and on track.


Signing up is simple and efficient, and the website offers live chat and support.

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Late assignments be gone!!

I really do love this app and think it's been a spectacular addition to the tools I use to keep my kiddos on track with their assignments. The feedback I received from the class that piloted the app was phenomenal! Several parents actually went out of their way to stop me and thank me for giving them such a useful tool. Especially since some of them travel and it allowed them to know ahead of time things they wanted to help their child finish up before they went out of town.

The only improvement that I think could be made would be to have a teacher app so that I could use that to list items on my phone instead of having to use a web browser. Not that it stops me from using the app, it would simply be quicker and easier. Again, I love this app and hope more folks find it and fall in love with it too!

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