Great Free tool that kids enjoy using!

Submitted 9 years ago
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I think it is a great tool to enhance a project such as ours. I think if an organization upgraded to pro it could be used to give each student their own site as a portfolio of their work. We used the free version which only gives 40 student sites. We worked in groups to work around this. I am glad that we added this to our project and will definitely be using Weebly again in the future.

How I Use It

I teach a middle school business class that is project based. Our final project has the students create a fictional business that would fit into our community. Students create print advertisements, commercials with iMovie, a floor plan, etc. We added Weebly this quarter to allow our students to make a fictional website for their business. The students loved the experience. I like Weebly because we are able to password protect the sites. Weebly is very user friendly. It is very easy to drag and drop elements and create a professional looking website. I have a few advanced students with HTML experience that were able to customize their site even further.