A great tool for digital portfolios!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

The Weebly platform is an intuitive and simple way for my students to create websites. I like the drag and drop functionality of the design. This style works well for my students as it is very similar to the other devices (iPhones, etc) that they use in their daily lives. The basic website elements are free and my students are able to make really professional looking websites without spending any money.

How I Use It

In the art room each of my students has a personal website that they use as both a digital portfolio and as a blog where they journal about their progress throughout the year. The website is an excellent way to encourage self-reflection and the Weebly program makes it easy. My students spend minimal time trying to figure out how to design the website and instead can focus their efforts on reflection and growth.
One of my favorite aspects of the Weebly program is that they have a free mobile app. This means that my students can use their cell phones to photograph their work and then add the images to their blogs really easily.