Amazing way to allow students social sharing and video production

Submitted 8 years ago
Darlene P.
Darlene P.
Assistant Principal & Graphite Mentor
Shivela Middle School
Murrieta CA, US
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My Take

Overall I can't wait to use this app again. I have teachers and students asking how they can use the app. There are very little changes I would make the app or using the app.

How I Use It

I used this app to have students create stop motion animation project on photosynthesis. This app gave me the needed collaboration that I was missing from apps like iMovie. The students were not only engaged in the learning process but loved being able to edit together and share their class movies. This app was not blocked by the district filter either. The students created the process of photosynthesis as an intro activity not an assessment. I really liked to watch them go back to their video during lessons and different assignments as they learned the actual process.