Great tool for students doing interviews!

Submitted 8 years ago
Kris H.
Kris H.
Instructional Technology Specialist
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My Take

Vyclone absolutely knocked my socks off. The program is intuitive and easy to use. It might be nice if they added the ability to add titles and other effects, but because it is easy to get the video out of Vyclone and into other editors it really isn't necessary.

How I Use It

Vyclone is an app that allows you to quickly and easily mix audio and video sources from multiple iOS or Android devices that record at once. This is a really great tool for students who are interviewing someone and would like multiple shots of the participants. The students need to create an account and login to each device. From there they begin recording on up to four devices. When finished the video is uploaded and mixed. Students can then edit the video to change the camera angles. This already sounds pretty amazing, right? Well it gets better! When finished, the students can download their final video onto their device or put it onto a computer to do some post production work. In our case, students were able to bring the video into iMove on the iPad to add some titles.