VoiceThread is a GREAT way to enhance participation OUTSIDE of class!

Submitted 9 years ago
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I absolutely loved using VoiceThread for my Physical Education classes. It fostered GREAT participation and individual creativity for an assignment involving a bit of research! I liked how modern the app was, and the ease of use was terrific. It allows students to express themselves without the restrictions of a classic, old-school homework assignment. Posting to YouTube also makes it an easy tool to share ideas and work! I HIGHLY recommend teachers of ALL content areas to try and utilize VoiceThread in their classrooms. It's a really fun, interesting, and creative way for students to learn and collaborate with classmates, and in my case, parents!

How I Use It

Granted, I teach Health and Phys. Ed., I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to spark my students' interests. I came across VoiceThread and decided to make an assignment out of the involvement of technology and the app. I had my classes make a questionnaire, and ask their parents what their thoughts were on Physical Education as a requirement for schools. Some of the topics included were topics that should be taught, how often and long classes should be, and what can be IMPROVED with P.E. across the nation. I had students used VoiceThread to record the conversations, and then make a presentation with them to show the class. It turned out FANTASTIC, and showed me what the feeling is about P.E. as a whole. Students shared their own points of view, as well as parents telling their children how important it is to stay fit and have good, healthy goals for lifelong activity!

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