A versatile, easy-to-use, and highly engaging technology.

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VoiceThread is easy to use and students enjoy viewing presentations and creating their own. It's a fantastic, versatile multimodal tool. I have used this tool with special needs students on multiple occasions. The multi-modal format of VoiceThread was engaging and exciting for students and increased student motivation and performance. Following viewing and creating VoiceThread presentations, students showed an increased mastery of lesson concepts as compared to a similar lesson without the use of VoiceThread.

How I Use It

I have used VoiceThread with students in a resource setting. All students had varying exceptionalities, but despite their learning differences, all were able to engage and excited to view and create with VoiceThread. It encouraged deeper thinking and applying knowledge. The multimodal format was appealing to multiple learning styles and allowed students to exhibit creativity and mastery of content. I have used VoiceThread on many occasions, but specifically during a cross-curricular social studies and language arts unit. Students were asked to both view and create VoiceThreads and enjoyed working together in small groups to do so. The format was easy for students to follow and work with. Following these activities, students showed a higher level of subject mastery than they had with similar lessons conducted without VoiceThread.

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