DOA This app no longer works. Bought by another company FAIL

Submitted 1 year ago
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When the company was bought up by Learning A-Z they switched the entire program, website, and process overnight. Teachers now have to manually set up all lessons (which our Middle School does not have time to do). Access to games has to be allowed - it is not automatic. There was no warning at all when this was changed. We walked in one Monday and the apps on our ipads did not work. Set up on the new format is confusing (multiple names given to the same program Learning A-Z, kids A-Z, Raz A-Z and so on.

The app is NOT CALLED Spelling City any more. Spelling City is dead. If someone has a great suggestion for a progressive spelling app that will help prepare our students for high school and beyond, I'd love to know it!

How I Use It

We used to use Spelling City and LOVED it for first through eighth grade. The games were open for any student to practice. The teacher had the option to create or use preconfigured lists. Students were able to test out of units and progress independently.