VocabSpellingCity engages students in word study saving teachers oodles of class and grading time!

Submitted 7 years ago
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VocabSpellingCity is a great example of the use of technology to enable students to study independently and to automate and improve productivity. The service, on the web and as an app, covers vocabulary, spelling, writing, alphabetical order, phonics, and phonological awareness.

It would be better if it taught more of the writing process. Right now, the writing is really just for students to get practice writing sentences and paragraphs that show they know how to use words in context.

How I Use It

Word lists are great to engage prior knowledge and to summarize information and vocabulary learned, transferring it to long term memory. VocabularySpellingCity provides a way to "flip" the classroom so that teacher time is not spent helping students with practice nor on the mechanics of holding students accountable, the testing, grading, and record-keeping is automated.