Spelling practice a new way!

Submitted 8 years ago
Liz B.
Liz B.
Arts And Technology Academy of Pontiac
Pontiac MI, US
My Rating

My Take

I would definitely recommend this app for teachers and students. It offers a number of activities to help the students learn and reinforce their spelling skills. It provides not only a visual but audio aspect as well which is beneficial to all students learning new words. I like how teachers can load in their list and not have to use what is already given. This is a great way to work on spelling without using paper and pencil. It plays on the students growing appreciation of technology.

How I Use It

This app would be good to use with your weekly spelling lists. Teachers can upload the list for the week and students can sign in and pick from a number of activities work on learning their spelling words. Instead of wasting all that paper students can be assigned 3 spelling activities a week and can log in on their app and work at their own pace. This is a great alternative to the traditional spelling activities.