Engaging way to practice spelling words!

Submitted 9 years ago
Julie K.
Julie K.
Mother Lode Adventist Junior Academy
Sonora CA, US
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My Take

I wouldn't use this app as a stand alone spelling teaching tool. However, it is a wonderful supplement! I like the variety of activities and the ability to use my own lists of words. One way it could be a bit better would be if the app would randomly mix the words on the tests. That would help the students learn to spell the words better, rather than just memorizing them in the order of the list. I use SpellingCity for one day a week spelling practice. The students can choose which activity they would like to practice. Also, if a student has extra time in the week and wants to take their test early, it is an easy way for them to do that, and it doesn't take too much extra teacher effort. Taking the test early in the week has been a great incentive in my room to study words even better.

How I Use It

My students and I both enjoy SpellingCity. I have only used the free version, but it provides several spelling games and a test taking activity. You can use customizable lists, or the many lists already on SpellingCity. Once a teacher has entered lists, the teacher can just turn certain lists on and off as they wish. The students think it is so much fun when they can take their spelling test this way! The ways it is changing my classroom don't have huge, "Wow!" factors. However, they are a big deal for me as the teacher. I love how students are so engaged with the activities, and they can have choices while still practicing their words. It is wonderful for differentiation - students can have access to whichever lists you allow. Also, there are several activities the students can complete (tests included) that the app will score for you. I just make sure my students show me their score.

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