Quick and easy way to make spelling more interesting.

Submitted 9 years ago
Caitlin M.
Caitlin M.
Shorecrest Preparatory School
Saint Petersburg FL, US
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My Take

SpellingCity premium membership is worth the cost to save spelling lists and additional activities. The initial set up of adding teachers, student buckets, and creating groups takes some time but once everything is set up it is a useful tool for students to learn spelling and definitions of vocabulary lists. It is definitely worth the set up time to use this resource. SpellingCity can be used to learn spelling/vocabulary in any subject area, but I have found it to be most useful in English/Language Arts classes. I like that there is a student bucket option. This allows administrators to mass upload student accounts, which saves teachers an extra step. The product is great, I can't think of any suggestions. More activities would be a great addition, but the activities that already exist are plenty to keep students busy.

How I Use It

I do not use SpellingCity in the classroom, but I am the school wide administrator. Students/teachers in grades K-1 have iPads and students/teachers in grades 2-12 have Mac laptops. The app is most popular with Language Arts teachers in grades 2-6. Some English/Language Arts teachers use SpellingCity in grades 7-12, but more as a supplemental activity. Some of our Speech Language teachers also use SpellingCity as a supplemental activity. The app and website both work well for students. Teachers tend to prefer the website because there is a lot of student/list management that is available through the website. Teachers will use SpellingCity with individual students both in class and for homework as a reinforcement of direct instruction.