Comprehensive look at a dark part of history-- useful for both teachers and students.

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This site offers so much valuable information, is easy to navigate, and easy to read. There are lessons and information aligned to standards that are useful for classroom teachers. There are also plenty of links available for students as well. Besides first-hand accounts, and actually visiting the museum, this site is the next best thing. It works great as a stand alone resource in a classroom, but could also be used alongside any number of books dealing with the Holocaust that are often used at varying grade levels (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Number the Stars, The Diary of Anne Frank, Night, The Book Thief, etc.).

How I Use It

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum site is a comprehensive place for teachers and students to go to learn more about the Holocaust. There are many topics included on the site, and it is more useful to me than most textbooks on this particular subject. It can be used to learn about the Holocaust as a class, group, or individual. It's also great for jig-sawing materials and breaking students up into topics or by interest.