Great critical thinking and learning for beginning science and engineers

Submitted 8 years ago
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UMIGO is an excellent introduction to math and science for our smallest yet some of our most inquisitive youngsters. The site is well rounded and accessible and offers several different formats of learning including ebooks, videos, projects, and other activities. Crated in cooperation with the US Department of Education it does offer activities that are linked to national standards but more importantly it has activities that really make students think and apply what they are learning about mathematics to real world problems/problem-solving. I was disappointed that many of the ebooks are by purchase only, but there are so many resources available on the site, there is plenty to do that is free. The ability to watch a video, learn, play a game, and then complete an activity gives learners multiple ways to reinforce a key concept.

How I Use It

This is great for introducing a concept, and for reinforcing one as well. The games and activities can be used individually, in small groups, or partnered with a parent for student/parent interaction. The concepts are explained in a simple fashion and I have found even my struggling learners can watch the videos and then "do" the activity. I have used the e-books for a basic introduction to the concepts of shapes with my students in a partially flipped classroom setting with success. The FABLAB section allows students to complete an activity and I have used these labs in the classroom in tandem with the website. the activities are relevant and easy to create. There really isn't a question and answer section but most of the available resources are really basic so there should not be much need surrounding it.