The Most Perfect Typing App Available!

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Christine M.
Christine M.
Education Technology Trainer/Education Technology Instructional Coach
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My Take

As I stated above, I completely recommend this product but it does come with a small glitch that most programs also have - ads. All of the ads are tiny and not very distracting at all (our kids were not bothered) but we did have an issue that if the student had used their school domain address to visit inappropriate sites that information search would generate inappropriate ads on their platform. This isn't necessarily a product issue, but it is a danger to be aware of on any product that has ads in it. Would be great if apps could go ad free but that only exists if a fee is charged for the product. I would MUCH rather see the tool remain free to users than any kind of subscription program.

How I Use It

I LOVE this product! We use it in our Oklahoma City Public Schools District Key Bee (#OKCPSKeyBee) and it has been a true success!
We use it in our classrooms from grades 3 through 8 and, in all instances, the children are engaged and motivated by the challenges, class competition scoreboards, rewards and certificates, and avatars and decoration of their home pages. For the teachers, they loved the way it can sync with our
Clever system and Google tools, the reporting options, the Spanish and English toggle, but most of all, the lesson and test creation tool. Teachers were able to use spelling and vocabulary lists from their units for typing practice and tests as well as paragraphs from unit lessons. In a more creative classroom, one of our teachers allowed the students to use their creative writing skills to craft a test and it was a LOT of fun to watch! From top to bottom, this is a fantastic product!

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