Biography Trading Cards Make Learning Fun

Submitted 9 years ago
Laura S.
Laura S.
Director, Educational Technology
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My Take

I first saw this app when touring a neighboring school district. I was impressed with how engaged the students were in creating their products, but couldn't tell if it was superficial learning or not. So I asked a 5th grade teacher to try it out in her room.

Her response to me was, "It's a great app for SS and biographies. Really focuses the kids' research to summarize what they learned. They also did a project of their choice, but this is good to check understanding at a glance."

These cards are good for a basic understanding check, but I wouldn't base an assessment of a child's learning solely on this tool. I wish there was a way to personalize the template. For example, in the real person template, I want to change the "time period" to say birthdate but I cannot do so. I also would like to see templates that reflect trading cards students are using today, like Pokemon, baseball cards, etc., instead of just the ornate ones offered.

There also doesn't seem to be an easy way to go back if you chose the wrong type of card.

How I Use It

Students in a 5th grade class were researching explorers of the western world. They used the Internet and books to develop notes about their explorer. Using the trading card app, they created a card that included the important points of their research. They had to put the research in their own words, and also include a photo.
When the cards were finished, they were saved to the camera roll and then emailed to the teacher for scoring.

As a follow up, were I teaching the class, I would create a portfolio (or ePub) of all of the cards so that students could use them as reference throughout the rest of the unit.