Daily News at the Touch of your Pad

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I really enjoy using this product. I would like to be able to custom the news descend add closed captions right on the app. I would also prefer that the main studio work from the laptop and use the iPads as our main cameras and prompter. I was also able to purchase the PadCaster, the hardware that touchcast recommends and I must say it is very solid and the lens and microphone are worth the price.

How I Use It

I have been using touchiest for over a year. We use it to broadcast out morning announcements every day. Where we used to send the class down to the TV studio to film and broadcast the announcements, all I have to do is send two students to a corner of the room and in 10-15 minutes I have a link to send out to the school. We also use the twitter integration to reach a further audience. I also have now built a YouTube channel for our newscast. I did that so that I can add closed captioning to out broadcast.