Help produce a quality news cast in a few easy steps.

Submitted 5 years ago
Julie Y.
Julie Y.
South Portland High School
South Portland ME, US
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My Take

I would suggest using this for classrooms that want to make videos without really having to teach video production as a course on its own. It's a great, simple, and professional product!

How I Use It

I've used this to create news broadcasts for school in a video productions setting. As a tool, it's pretty flexible, with lots of options and ways to create. On the ipad, it can sometimes be a bear to work with. It's a LOT packed into a app, so that's understandable. Students generally find their way around the program and enjoy that what they produce looks professional. The most common complaint I hear is not being able to change some of the template features- which is a great segway to teaching them more advanced tools like Premiere. This is a good option for certain students who find more advanced editing tools too complex.