Engage the shyest of students with this backchannel/discussion tool.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

The tool is only as good as the teaching. The teacher had an excellent lesson to begin with. I just helped to show here how it would work in the lesson and support her with the technology issues that may arise in class.
Students are all over social media. This is their medium. Incorporating it into class created instant excitement.
With any tech tool. Planning is the key as well as a great lesson.

How I Use It

Today's meet was used collaboratively. As the technology specialist in my school I worked with the ELA teacher to incorporate Today's meet into lesson as a way to increase engagement in the discussion portion of her class.
The initial setup was easy. The teacher was able to do it on her own. Then we discussed how to integrate it into a specific lesson she was going to be delivering. After determining where in the lesson it would work and discussing protocols, we introduced it to the students along with our expectations. On the day of the lesson (2nd meeting) I was there for support. It worked like a charm and there was 100 percent engagement. With proper planning it is a great tool for class discussion. The shyest of students will participate.