Great Interactive Visual for SMALL Groups!

Submitted 7 years ago
Amy L.
Amy L.
Martinsburg North Middle School
Martinsburg WV, US
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My Take

Following the SAMR model this tool is at best Augmentation and Modification. It floats between those lines depending on how it is utilized in the classroom. The moderator should focus the discussion more toward analyzing rather than application of knowledge to increase from Augmentation to Modification.

How I Use It

This is a great tool to use with small groups that gives everyone a voice. I have used it in large whole classroom groups and it tends to get messy because the chat moves so fast and window is small so you don't always get an opportunity to read what everyone is saying. Also, it doesn't require a name or a login, which has its advantages but in a whole class setting can get tricky. Keeping kids focused and on task can be difficult in a large group. In small groups with a moderator it allows for students to have a voice, especially those that do not like to speak out.