A Tool to Engage and Give Voice to Every Student!

Submitted 8 years ago
Lisa G.
Lisa G.
Marina Village Middle School
El Dorado Hills CA, US
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My Take

TodaysMeet promotes agency within the classroom. Every student participates and has a voice - digitally. Every student gets to communicate - even the most quiet. Involvement increases with TodaysMeet. Additionally, the tool also provides a solid, fast, and easy assessment tool for a teacher. The feedback is instantaneous. This helps the teacher, but will also help students who can quickly see correct responses, should that be the need. TodaysMeet is a great avenue to run 'office hours' after school, if there was an upcoming test or large writing assignment. The teacher and students could log-on at a given time and the teacher could address questions. The TodaysMeet Room would serve as a transcript of the office hour or study session and actually help even more students for an indefinite amount of time. A great tool!

How I Use It

TodayMeet can bee used in a variety of ways. This digital discussion is a great way to brainstorm ideas, to set up a quick, formative assessment, to use as a warm-up with a thought provoking question, or to extend the classroom discussion from home, to address questions - almost like 'office hours'. I have also successfully used TodaysMeet as an exit ticket to gage the efficacy of a lesson. TodaysMeet is easy to set up - literally takes minutes. Students are able to log onto 'room' without an account. And the site is device agnostic, so no matter what kind of technology I happen to have that day, I can run my lesson. Students love it - at first a little too much. I usually have to start with a silly or fun question so they can have some fun with it before we can get down to business.