Hear every student's opinion

Submitted 8 years ago
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I like using this to hear from all students rather than just the ones that always answer/pose questions.
Students can see what constitutes a good, thorough response and how other responses can be improved with more detail, asking each other to expand on their answers. This is a great way for students to rate themselves.
Although pedagogy and supports are not built in to the product, teachers can easily do that.

How I Use It

I posed a question(s) to which students responded. They could discuss it in their groups and submit one response from a spokesperson, or they could each answer individually. Students were also required to respond to another student's comment. The transcript can be printed for grading later, so everyone had to participate instead of the usual 5.
This is a great way to get everyone engaged in discussion.
What did not work is this: students can log in using any name, and more than one time, so tracking inappropriate comments under an alias is impossible.
Because it can be anonymous, students feel more comfortable giving their opinions, or asking "stupid" questions, so it can also be a good thing.