Everyone's Involved in Today's Meet

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Today's Meet provides an avenue for students to engage in discussions centered around a specific topic. A "room" is created to last any duration from one hour to one month. You share the "room" by giving it a name that's transcribed into an URL address to share with your students. Students submit their name and a response in 140 characters or less. Its strength as a teaching tool is directly related to the reason one is using it. I have encountered two downsides to Today's Meet. One is the student is able to put in any name and it cannot be traced to a specific person or device. The other is one person cannot directly reply to an individual student. Their response gets placed in the main discussion stream. Realizing it is a public URL, anyone with the address is able to see content and join.

How I Use It

I've used this product in a variety of ways. One such way was during the culmination of a unit during a Revolutionary War movie. Students were asked to provide comments of events we had talked about in class that were coming to fruition in the movie. Students unsure about events, would get reinforcement from their peers and were able to ask questions during the movie without it disrupting the event. This also served as a great practice for Digital Citizenship. Students practiced responding to each other's comments about a specific topic using complete sentences and specific details about the topic. I've also used it as exit comments prior to leaving class to gauge student understanding about a topic.