Excellent backchannel tool to get more students discussing ideas.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I use Today's Meet often to help spark conversations, ideas, and questions. This backchannel tool is tremendously easy to set up and use with learners. It provides a live space and keeps a transcript of the conversation to revisit and analyze later. When presenting, I use another device (iPad) or have someone else monitor the backchannel as I am usually using a different presentation tool simultaneously.

How I Use It

I use Today's Meet when I am presenting lessons or presentations and also have students set them up for group discussions. I find that the backchannel allows the more introspective students to have an active voice in discussions. I love the transcript as it allows us to go back and review learning, and refine instruction. Today's Meet is also an excellent tool to use during Professional Development as it opens a dialogue with adult learners.