Think Through Math can help rethink math instruction in the classroom.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

It seems that our upper elementary students are responding well to this teaching tool. I am able to see their progress, though at times the dashboard can seem a little "busy." The students love the motivation rewards that allow them to feel like their hard work in math is making a difference in the world. The program provides the right amount of support for students through automated hints and tutorials in the beginning phases of learning. The audio feature meets the needs of our struggling readers and the talk-to-a-teacher feature lets students be in the drivers seat of what instruction they need and when they need it. While this provides a lot of data for the teachers, having the ability to see student performance standard by standard without having to drill down on every student would be beneficial.

How I Use It

We are using Think Through Math as a supplement to teacher directed learning small groups in our classroom. We went searching for a personalization tool that would be more engaging for our upper elementary students and provide us with timely data on student learning progression towards standards. This program has delivered both for our students. This is a comprehensive program that reinforces the conceptual understandings of math and well as mathematical practices. The multistep learning with support at at point they struggle, is essential for a program that meets the needs of all learners. While it supports our intervention needs, it simultaneously delivers accelerated learning for students who are beyond grade level content in their mathematical abilities. We are finding the creators to be very supportive with our needs for specific data tracking information and for professional development to ensure the greatest success for our teachers and students.