Great program for all students!

Submitted 8 years ago
Leslie B.
Leslie B.
Math Specialist
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My Take

I absolutely love TTM's individualized support for students.My students were motivated by their avatars, donating to classroom pizza party goals, and donating to charities. I had many students who in 3rd grade had gaps from 1st grade material and TTM helped fill those gaps.

How I Use It

When I was a classroom teacher I would use TTM a lot during my computer lab time. It enabled me to monitor all of my students at once and make sure they were trying their hardest. It was also used at home for homework some nights. All of my students had access to a computer at home so it made it very easy to give prescriptive assignments to my students. I do not like asking students to get on TTM in the classroom. There are often too many distractions for them to stay focused on their lessons.