Wonderful Start for Young Geologist and to Develop a Love for Geography Early

Submitted 8 years ago
Adrienne D.
Adrienne D.
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My overall opinion about this project as a teaching tool is that Terrestrial Globe is the best thing I have found on the internet. I enjoy it because it is so realistic it really gives my students an advantage they did not have before using this website. It is simple, appropriate, and fun to manipulate and explore. I love that the students are attracted to it as a teaching tool and enjoy using it. It is also a great way to get them excited about geography at a young age to help them in the long run. I feel that it could serve my students better if it was transformed to an app and I could download it on the school tablets and the students' personal tablets. It is a great tool to show the big picture of the small world the kids live in.

How I Use It

I used this product when teaching my preschoolers about their home planet, Earth. I love to use it to show them how much of the Earth is covered in water. The product works like magic. All twelve of my little Jitta Bugs just stop everything and are glued to the screen as I talk and show them the earth. It is even cooler because they can manipulate it and move the earth to see different continents, waterways, and countries. They love to try to find Florida on the map and often point to the wrong place and then they learn about that place and the difference. I find that everything works perfectly for my students and the school.