Data tracking, reteaching, assessing where your students are and how well they a grasping the concepts you are teaching them...Tenmarks is the resource for you.

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I really love using It is very easy to create assignments and navigate through the website. I like that you can see how the students answered and you can reassigned the same standard if they did not do well on it. I think that tenmarks can be used a great reteaching tool. When students are not doing well on a specific skill/concept, you can use the data to create small groups. A student can also use hints to watch videos when they are struggling on a standard. I also like that you can communicate with parents and print out reports. Finally, I like the fact that it provides a diversity of questions. I think the questions can assist teachers by helping them come up with different ways to teach a skill/concept.

How I Use It

I mostly use for small groups. Normally its set up as one of my stations. Students are also encourage to work on assignments at home. Sometimes I will allow students to complete tenmarks assignments in class if they have completed their other assignments. Tenmarks has rigorous questions which help me develop higher thinking questions when creating class tasks. It also gives me an indication of the students who need reteaching with a specific skill/concept. There is not too much that comes to mind when I think about what i didn't like. It's just that when you add a new student to your class, they are not automatically assigned to do the same assignments that you already created. The teacher has to create each assignment again for that individual student.