Great technology tool to keep students engaged!

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

Tenmarks was the greatest program I could have found! I can differentiate in so many ways just for a small group or individual, nevertheless, the whole class. I really like how they give students the opportunity to still have fun through playing games, but they need to collect coins to buy time to play those games. This extra push gave my students the motivation they needed to complete the practice they had.

How I Use It

I needed a fun and easy way for my low performance students to practice the skills we were practicing in class and in a way I could keep track of their progress. I also needed a way to challenge my high performance students in a way in where they could practice old and new skills we were learning in the class. We practiced 2-3 times a week and most of my students liked the program so much that they did it outside of school ours. I assigned each student or a small group whatever standard I needed them to be working on, that way everyone was practicing what they needed.