Simple math pratice tied to standards

Submitted 9 years ago
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I am not super excited about this product. The 'Jam Session' where students can work on anything doesn't have the hints or videos like the assigned work. When they get an answer wrong, it just says it is wrong and gives the right answer. I would like it to give the student another chance to fix it and then offer a hint or video. The assigned work does have the hints and videos which are great and does allow students to fix their mistakes. However, it doesn't tell them they got a question wrong until the end of the ten question segment. I would like it to tell them right away so they learn from that mistake before going forward.

However, for a free (the basics that I use) product it is worth trying. The class roster is easy to set up and I really like having work assigned to standards. The reports are nice and you can assign individual work to students that need it. I could see my distinct wanting to look into the paid product so they could have the standard and grade level assessment that is modeled on SBAC and PARCC.

How I Use It

I have used this product for extra practice after I have taught a lesson. I have tried it with both my advanced and low students. The fact that the questions can be read aloud is a real plus for my low and ELL students who in 2nd grade have a harder time with reading. It took them some time to learn to watch the video and read though the hint and not just blow through the question. My high students did well but didn't seem very engaged in the activity. They did however, really like seeing their percentages.

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