Online, adaptive math program for remediation and practice

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Barbara T.
Barbara T.
Educational Technology TOSA
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TenMarks has a plain interface that lacks visual appeal. Younger students may not find it very fun. The question difficulty varies greatly from easy to quite challenging, and the phrasing can make simple problems needlessly complicated and confusing, but I find that the in-app support through hints and videos are quite good. Some of the people narrating the help videos have heavy accents that may be difficult to understand, especially for ELL students. There is a button that will read the question to the student that will be helpful to early readers and students with limited English proficiency. Tenmarks provides a work space for students to do their calculations which is really helpful when they are working on the iPad app. The length of each module is manageable which will help reluctant students persevere. Students will benefit from having previous experience with the content covered as TenMarks does not provide any introduction to each module. TenMarks works equally well with the web tool and the iPad app. Students have not reported any glitches or technical difficulty. The problems presented in TenMarks are Common Core aligned and will increase student familiarity with the type of phrasing and analysis that will be required of them. When answers need to be typed into a field, TenMarks provides a bank of symbols for students to select from to make the process easier.

How I Use It

Access to the TenMarks program was given to all students in my district for summer review and practice. Parents were encouraged to sign up and create student accounts. Students are initially prompted to either take the diagnostic test for remediation or select the math level they would like to work on. Currently, TenMarks has modules that support levels through Algebra 2 and Geometry. Parents can set up rewards on their child's account to provide incentives to increase the level of student engagement. My students prefer this to other online math programs, but they wish it were more gamified.

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