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TenMarks Math

Responsive and adaptive math practice for every grade level

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Critical Thinking, Math

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Pros: Lots of control and personalization for teachers and students in this adaptive Common Core-aligned math practice program.

Cons: While it may bolster students' engagement in class, the program itself could be more engaging; more collaborative components for kids would be a nice touch.

Bottom Line: Adaptive K–12 math practice that hones in on students' areas for growth with lots of potential to empower.

TenMarks Math suggests that teachers use the tool after first covering the concepts and material in class or after using the Teach tools for instruction -- this way, the TenMarks system can help teachers identify individual students who may need interventions. Once students' areas for growth are identified, teachers can reassign content to target a range of specific skills. The TenMarks system will also automatically adapt to each student's needs as they work.

TenMarks Math can be used to assign work to students as a group based on grade-level curriculum or to individual students based on specific areas for improvement; it can even be used to automatically assign work based on the results of an included pre-assessment. Teachers can easily track the progress of individual students as well as whole classes, using data to help make decisions about what skills need more coverage in class. The site can be used in a computer lab setting or assigned for at-home practice. 

Editor's Note: TenMarks Math is no longer available.

TenMarks Math allows teachers to create complete classroom curricula or practice- and review-based supplements to help teach and reinforce math concepts from first grade through algebra 2. The program is designed to be an individualized, customizable, and adaptable learning program for a variety of classroom uses. Teachers can assign Common Core-aligned content for a whole class or create differentiated assignments for small groups and individual students. Students work at their own pace to complete the questions, and the program determines each student's level of mastery, reassigning work as necessary based on performance. The program's Lessons section includes premade lessons complete with presentations, warm-ups, and guided practice. TenMarks also provides access to previous grade-level content, concept trajectories, common misconceptions, as well as enrichment opportunities.

When students struggle, support is embedded in the curriculum with instructional videos, adaptive hints, and "amplifiers" (interactive diagnostic games for remediation) to guide them toward mastery. Before students submit official answers, they get a score and a chance to check their work using the support tools. All data is reported to the teacher dashboard and can be used to track individual and whole-class progress. As students complete sets of assignments, they can earn printable certificates and the ability to play some games; teachers and parents can also set up custom, personalized rewards. Students can see their own progress on a home screen, and parents can also get reports. The TenMarks premium version allows teachers more customization, including the ability to assign students assignments from multiple grade levels, as well as expanded use of the assessment tools and "one-click differentiation."

Overall, teachers will love the flexibility TenMarks Math provides, both for them and for their students. The assignments system allows for differentiation as students work at their own pace, and the videos are especially helpful for those working independently. The lessons are clear, and questions are presented in a variety of styles, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and choose-all-that-apply. Many problems also include detailed diagrams and charts to help illustrate concepts for students. TenMarks allows for a high level of personalization and can provide students practice, remediation, or extension, as directed by a teacher.

With frequent, sustained use, TenMarks Math has the potential to help students develop better conceptual skills in some areas. However, this potential may not be as evident with only occasional or sporadic use. TenMarks toes the line of promoting standardized test-friendly thinking and problem-solving, rather than more general abstract reasoning and practical skill building. Further, the instruction is fully direct, with few inquiry learning features, which may not suit more adventurous teachers or unmotivated students. 

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With a clean design, the site's very easy for both students and teachers to navigate and use. Its adaptive nature will help keep kids going, and direct instruction presentations are fairly engaging, as slide shows go.


This personalized teaching tool addresses students' constantly changing learning needs. It offers solid direct instruction that's responsive and adaptive and does a fine job of breaking skills down into understandable chunks.


Both teachers and students will find the program's feedback easy to follow and understand. Students, teachers, and parents can readily access reports and data to get detailed information about progress.

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Data tracking, reteaching, assessing where your students are and how well they a grasping the concepts you are teaching them...Tenmarks is the resource for you.

I really love using It is very easy to create assignments and navigate through the website. I like that you can see how the students answered and you can reassigned the same standard if they did not do well on it. I think that tenmarks can be used a great reteaching tool. When students are not doing well on a specific skill/concept, you can use the data to create small groups. A student can also use hints to watch videos when they are struggling on a standard. I also like that you can communicate with parents and print out reports. Finally, I like the fact that it provides a diversity of questions. I think the questions can assist teachers by helping them come up with different ways to teach a skill/concept.

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