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Submitted 10 years ago
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Glogster is a great way to have students make collages, posters, presentations for any class. The downside is you have to buy a license if you want more students to be able to use it and have all of their logins. I suggest doing the free-trial first to see if you would use it enough to buy licenses. Students can be very creative with Glogster EDU and this is a great alternative to the traditional Glogster because it is for Education and not open to the public. This keeps students safer from seeing inappropriate content. It is also easy to integrate websites, video, and audio. This does take some time to teach your students the ins and outs, but is well worth it. A good internet connections is also recommended for ease of use.

How I Use It

I have used this for individual projects and also for my own teacher page. In addition, this is a great way to deliver instruction about a particular topic and a way to store/present larger videos if you have issues with storage on an LMS at your school. Students have a lot of fun with Prezi. However, if you are an online teacher be sure that you clearly show them how to use the program.