Kindergartners Can Colloborate Too! Talkboard in not just for the big kids.

Submitted 8 years ago
My Rating

My Take

This app was straight forward and intuitive.

WORKED: easy to use, allows for multiple pages in a project, allows user to save boards/projects, helped my students concept of collaboration and turn taking and contributing in group work

CHALLENGES: when a lot of children were using the app at the same time it was slow to respond, Citrix the developer went through a bunch of updates and revisions and that made startup and use a bit slower and confusing for students, is not linked to Seesaw learning journal so collecting work for evidence (work flow) can be cumbersome

How I Use It

My students LOVED coming up with ways to collaborate and Talkboard was the app we settled with.

We used this to brainstorm and plan small group projects (i.e. How to Make a S'more, they used this to quiz each other on sight words or challenge each other in math facts/equation, I used it for informal assessments and in their free choice the children used it to make shared art pieces.