Multi-purpose app whose use extends beyond its primary selling point.

Submitted 8 years ago
My Rating

My Take

The color palette and art features are better than some paid apps I have used and shared with students. Students are able to create easily and with few limitations. The collaborative nature of the app means it should only be used when you are able to provide strict supervision, but with properly selected groups this is less of an issue. Overall, I feel that the merits of a Talkboard far outweigh any potential issues rising from fears of students communicating digitally.

How I Use It

My students do a fair amount of artwork and creative expression alongside their writing. We have only experimented with Talkboard a little, but already my students are excited. With limited technology, not many students have been able to directly share talk boards, however, with school provided ads, students have used talkboard as a collaborative tool. Small groups have organized their projects and created drafts of posters and presentations using Talkboard in my class. They then have shared those with me, eliminating the confusion go students coming and going from my desk, maneuvering around other groups.