Talkboard by Citrix stands out as a collaborative whiteboard app.

Submitted 9 years ago
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There are a number of whiteboard apps available for classroom use. However, Talkboard by Citrix stands out whiteboard app that allows real-time collaboration. The ease-of-use of the app means that the tools provided are basic, yet this allows users to focus on simply sharing their ideas. Users don't get stuck on the complexities of learning a new app. It is a great tool for the classroom for encouraging collaboration on any topic. I am looking forward to updates of this app as there are a few options that I hope Citrix will add... 1) allow users to change the width of the pen and brush tips, 2) enable multiple "board" projects, 3) add a feature to be able to type on the screen versus handwritten notes, and 4) enable the ability to tap on a shape or text and move it around the screen. For many schools, the Terms of Service will be problematic as it states that users must be 18 or older. Please read the Terms of Service before using this app at your school.

How I Use It

Imagine being able to brainstorm, take notes, or create diagrams between a group of students while at different locations or across the room. Students could be given an assignment that requires them to document the characters in a book they are reading. Whether at home or school, they can collaborate on a diagram, using the different brush styles and colors to note connections between characters.