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Talkboard by Citrix

Many cool uses of whiteboard as users collaborate through drawings

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Communication & Collaboration

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Creating Media, Presentation

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Students can work collaboratively in real time and work on multiple boards at once.

Cons: The limited selection of tools hinders what students can do.

Bottom Line: Talkboard by Citrix allows students to work together as they draw pictures, brainstorm, and complete other image-heavy tasks.

Teachers can use Talkboard by Citrix to get students to interact with one another in a unique way. It works ideally for projects where images, not words, play a key role. For example, students may collaborate to create a storyboard for a play or video they want to create, to lay out the general design for a poster, or even simply draw a picture or series of pictures to illustrate a concept. Teachers may also use the app to connect with students, collaborating with them on a board and adding their own drawings to get students thinking or to help illustrate concepts discussed in class.

Using iPads, students collaborate on a virtual project with Talkboard by Citrix. They do so on an interactive whiteboard where they can use three drawing tools and a collection of colors to take notes, draw pictures, and communicate with one another. As students work together, they see the changes others make in real time. They may have a single board or multiple boards going at a time. Once those boards are complete, students can export them through email or social media sites, open them in other presentation apps, or just save them as images.

As students interact with one another using Talkboard by Citrix, they'll learn to use others' strengths to help brainstorm or create a presentation. They'll express them through drawings, symbols, and short words, which may make it easier to get their ideas across and help them get on the same page. While the idea of having students collaborate with their individual iPads has promise, the limited range of tools may make it difficult for students to share their ideas. If students want to collaborate on drawing or other visual tasks, they may be successful, but when it comes to brainstorming or other tasks that require them to write, the lack of a text tool may make it difficult.

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Multiple tools allow kids to communicate with other users in many different ways, but kids may find some tools limiting or difficult to control.


Kids learn from one another as they collaborate in real time, brainstorming and building on ideas to create a polished final product.


A welcome guide lays out many important features. All users must have an iPad to collaborate.

Common Sense reviewer

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Kindergartners Can Colloborate Too! Talkboard in not just for the big kids.

This app was straight forward and intuitive.

WORKED: easy to use, allows for multiple pages in a project, allows user to save boards/projects, helped my students concept of collaboration and turn taking and contributing in group work

CHALLENGES: when a lot of children were using the app at the same time it was slow to respond, Citrix the developer went through a bunch of updates and revisions and that made startup and use a bit slower and confusing for students, is not linked to Seesaw learning journal so collecting work for evidence (work flow) can be cumbersome

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