Great for visual number sense!

Submitted 5 years ago
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Overall, Symphony has been a great math supplement. I love the reports and extra practice options that are given to teachers, though I do wish we could get more information about the benchmark and screener than just their percentile rank, the assessment is not particularly helpful. The student practice is fantastic though, it has my kids talking about place value, equality, visualizing numbers, its been great. The "coins" don't apply to anything in-program, which would be nice instead of teachers having to reward outside of the program.

How I Use It

I use Symphony as a supplement for our math curriculum and to fill the gaps in number sense with the kids. In the beginning, they struggled with the different way the problems were set up (different sized number bars, = sign in different places, etc.) but as they got used to the setup, they started making nice progress and I love seeing the kids talk numbers and increasing their place value sense.

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