Great App to incorporate into any physical education class

Submitted 3 years ago
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As a teaching tool, this app can be very useful since it can be downloaded in a plethora of platforms. Not only can I show the app in class and have my students follow the exercises, I can decide which area of fitness and the length of the exercises every time. Due to exercises being demonstrated visually, this app will get kids moving and will give kids the practice they need to perform certain exercises correctly. It will challenge students to take their fitness to the next level as they will attempt to keep up with the application and their peers as they exercise in class. They can also use the application outside of class since the app is free and easy to download. Exercise will help students better perform in the classroom, which is why it is vital that they participate in exercising. This app makes exercising fun, increasing the likelihood students participate in exercise. Overall, this is a great app and I will definitely be using it in the classroom.

How I Use It

This app is free and easy to download. After using it, I was surprised and thrilled how easy it was to create and do a workout. As an instructor at an elementary school, finding applications that I can use can be challenging. I am able to use this app in the class and grade comfortably while my students complete the workout. I am also able to correct technique and walk around as well. The best part is that I know students will be engaged since they are watching a student their age complete the exercise. Also, because this app is free and can be downloaded in many devices, I can assign workouts and exercises to students to complete at home. Because the exercises are visually demonstrated and are explained in many languages, I can also use this app with English Language Learners.