Great simulation tied which eventually tied to real cases

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I really enjoyed the gameplay tied to actual history. My opinion about the game is that I will definitely use it. Some APPS that are out there have too much "fluff" without actual history in them. This APP combines both and I like that it came full circle by the end of the game.

How I Use It

This product can be used after a unit on the three branches of government, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. It is a nice gameplay/simulation on individual rights and the Supreme Court. The gameplay works because it shows the facts of the cases, the Supreme court deliberations (how the Justices were split), and allows the students to look at the issues of the simulated case and then make a decision. Then there is a real Supreme Court case that deals with the simulated game. This I believe is the best part of the APP, because it actually brings in the historical decision.